When Diddy does it, he does it big–even if it’s an appearance on the Home Shopping Network.

He set a new sales record when he sold out his entire scent collection, said reports.

According to The Home Shopping Network, Diddy sold 2,600 units of the I Am King Classic Gift Set within 16 minutes after his appearance. He sold 2,000 units of the Unforgivable Gift Set for Women within 14 minutes, and 1,000 units of the Unforgivable Gift Set for Men within 10 minutes.

He reportedly sold a total of 5,600 units in minutes, each selling from $58 to $78 in price.

Working his patented Diddy charm, he gushed at women callers, and even gave away bonus Sean John signature bags and exclusive bathrobes with each purchase.

“I wish I could just jump through the screen and give you a hug, girl,” Diddy told a female caller. “I want to thank you for buying.”

Buy them on the Sean John “I Am King” Classic Set for $45, the Women’s Unforgivable set for $30, and the Men’s Unforgivable Set for $42.

Check out the video of his appearance on the Home Shopping Network below: