Philly rapper Cassidy has responded rumors being circulated that he has HIV/AIDS and was responsible for infecting a young woman.

A picture of a Philadelphia woman along with a statement accompanying it claims the woman slept with Cassidy multiple times in a Hackensack, New Jersey hotel.

After numerous encounters, the woman claimed she and Cassidy had unprotected sex, resulting in her testing positive for HIV/AIDS.

Cassidy flatly denied the report today (March 26) via his official Twitter page.

“|Stopactinstupid! I don’t even know that lil girl,” Cassidy Tweeted. “I just took a pic being nice…I only f**k with pretty girls, 10’s and I still don’t go raw.“

He also denied being sick with HIV/AIDS and instead, placed the blame on a jealous female fan.

“I’m sick with it, but not like that! That b**ch probably mad she not my type, lol. I’m perfectly healthy, so it can’t be true. It’s just the devil try make me mad because I’m about to go buy this bently [sic] today, I’m on my way to the bank. B**ch stop hating.”

Cassidy is working on his album C.A.S.H.