The smoke was thick and the laughter was loud when Snoop Dogg aka “Nemo Hoes” interviewed Azealia Banks on his GGN YouTube show. The hip-hop icon asked the Harlem rapper about getting her start, her debut Broke With Expensive Taste, and her alias Yung Rapunxel.

“It came from wearing long weaves,” explained Azealia. “If you could take your youth and stretch it forever, it’s like long youth.”

Maybe it was the weed, but Snoop didn’t seem to know his facts. “You have a deal?” he asked her before discovering that she is signed to Interscope.

He praised her for being a “Chocolate Diva” and shared a blunt with her.

“This is mad surreal right now,” said Azealia.

They bonded over their hate for Twitter trolls.

“I’m not even talking to these n**as,” said Azealia, who is notorious for her Twitter beefs. “Like where do ya’ll ni**as even come from? And ya’ll ni**as are like grown ass men. Like get the f**k off the Internet.”

Watch their hilarious conversation below.