The first US case of the coronavirus was reported January 21 — a Washington state man who had recently returned from China. Now, the country has more than 43,600 cases across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

At least 543 people have died, including 157 in New York, 110 in Washington state and 34 in Louisiana.
CNN’s tallies are based on totals reported by states, US territories and the District of Columbia. As a result, they won’t always match numbers reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The CDC updates its tallies only on weekdays, and those counts end at 4 p.m. ET the day before reporting. CDC officials said the most recent numbers will come from the states.

New York has over 21,000 cases, more than seven times as many as the next highest state.
Health officials say they expect the number of cases to keep climbing as more people are tested.

The people in the US who have tested positive include 46 who were repatriated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Japan; 21 repatriated from the Grand Princess cruise ship stuck for days off California; and three repatriated from Wuhan, China.
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Here are the rest of the cases, broken down by state:

Alabama: 196
Alaska: 36
Arizona: 235 (including two deaths)
Arkansas: 201
California: 1,733 (including 32 deaths)
Colorado: 720 (including seven deaths)
Connecticut: 415 (including 10 deaths)
Delaware: 87
District of Columbia: 137 (including two deaths)
Florida: 1,237 (including 18 deaths)
Georgia: 800 (including 26 deaths)
Guam: 27 (including one death)
Hawaii: 77 (including one death)
Idaho: 50
Illinois: 1,285 (including 12 deaths)
Indiana: 259 (including seven deaths)
Iowa: 105
Kansas: 82 (including two deaths)
Kentucky: 124 (including four deaths)
Louisiana: 1,172 (including 34 deaths)
Maine: 107
Maryland: 288 (including three deaths)
Massachusetts: 777 (including nine deaths)
Michigan: 1,328 (including 15 deaths)
Minnesota: 235 (including one death)
Mississippi: 249 (including one death)
Missouri: 183 (including three deaths)
Montana: 45
Nebraska: 52
Nevada: 245 (including four deaths)
New Hampshire: 101 (including one death)
New Jersey: 2,844 (including 27 deaths)
New Mexico: 83
New York: 21,689 (including 157 deaths)
North Carolina: 297
North Dakota: 32
Ohio: 442 (including six deaths)
Oklahoma: 81 (including two deaths)
Oregon: 191 (including five deaths)
Pennsylvania: 644 (including six deaths)
Puerto Rico: 31 (including two deaths)
Rhode Island: 106
South Carolina: 298 (including five deaths)
South Dakota: 28 (including one death)
Tennessee: 615 (including two deaths)
Texas: 352 (including eight deaths)
US Virgin Islands: 17
Utah: 257 (including one death)
Vermont: 75 (including five deaths)
Virginia: 254 (including six deaths)
Washington: 2,223 (including 110 deaths)
West Virginia: 20
Wisconsin: 416 (including five deaths)
Wyoming: 29
Repatriated cases: 70

via: CNN