The 23-year-old emcee recently spoke with MTV News and told them he was going through a personal and professional evolution.

“I’m learning about myself. That’s what my music is about,” he said recently. “I don’t necessarily know all the time who Drake is. I take it day by day and learn as much as I can about myself. As I learn, I choose to share with my fans. I’m just an artist that isn’t scared of being open.”

Drake says being in front of the camera on “Degrassi” as an adolescent has helped him open up musically.

“My journey, as far as growing into a man, is shared with the people. My whole life is like that. I grew up on TV, I’ve always become accustomed to sharing my life with the world. At least now I get to do it in my own words … so I’m not a character. I have a little more grasp on who I am. I’m more eager to share it now. Me growing into an artist is me growing into a man.”