The next time you fly the friendly skies, you may just see 50 Cent sitting next to you.

The millionaire rapper, who released his fourth album Before I Self Destruct last November, has no problem forgoing first class for the cheaper economy seats. “I really don’t mind flying coach if I have to,” he tells Interview magazine in the December 2009/January 2010 issue.

And where exactly can you find the “In Da Club” hitmaker on the aircraft?

“If the front of the plane is sold out, I’ll sit in the back. Some people are like, ‘Oh, first class is sold out. I can’t go.’ I guess they care about people seeing that they’re not sitting in first class.”

As for Fiddy, he doesn’t need a seat to validate his celebrity status.

“I’m clear with my financial space—I don’t need to get any validation by someone else who sits next to me in first class. If you think a seat in first class makes you a star, then you’re not one.”