Well look who TLC got to replace the Gosselins. They are the Coles and some foks are calling them the new version of The Klumps. According to the folks over at Celebitchy:


Called “One Big Happy Family” it chronicles a family of four in North Carolina, The Coles, in which everyone is obese. Hearing about this concept made me uncomfortable as it sets off “exploitative” bells. Savannah resident Ruby Gettinger has a reality show on The Style Network and from what I’ve seen it’s a sympathetic look into what a very large person has to go through. If handled well this show could be similar. It’s probably full of scripted moments meant to highlight their “otherness” however, like the clip available on Radar in which the Coles realize they’re too big to go on a ride at a water park. I think we can safely assume that the outing was set up by producers to rap up the drama.

The show has really changed the Cole family’s outlook and health and they’re all losing weight and eating more fruits and veggies now. In an interview with Radar, they talk about their new healthy lifestyle. The Cole family is made up of mom Tameka, 36, 380 lbs, dad Norris, 41, 340 lbs, daughter Amber, 16, at 348 lbs and son Shayne, 14, 308 lbs.

While I’m excited to see a black family reality show (who is not a celebrity family) on tv, many black people are rantting that this is just another stereotypical exploitation of the black community. Overly obese and the typical “fat and happy” blacks being portrayed with comedy. Check out the clips and speak on it.