Tip is anti-Trump. After artists like Chris Brown, Mac Miller, and Frank Ocean bashed Donald Trump, T.I. is the latest artist to speak out against the presidential nominee.

“Ok, So Dis what WE doin America?” the King of the South wrote on Instagram. “Is this the representative u want to lead the free world? Dis ain’t about race,religion,democrat,or republican… Dis is a pure question of character, a lack of moral fabric, & fundamental principles. We are no longer the greatest nation if we let dis slide. He’s making a mockery of democracy. IF I GOT ANYTHING TO DO WIT IT AINT NO WAY DIS SH*T GOIN DOWN!!!! I don’t care who else u vote for,what political party they represent, or why you choose them….JUST VOTE!!! Failing to vote is a vote for This CLOWN!!!#OpperationANYONEbutTRUMP”

T.I. actually reposted the meme from Tyrese, who simply added to it with a caption that read:

“It’s not funny anymore.”

This is the second Tip message about Trump in the last two days. Prior to that lengthy caption and meme, the Trap Muzik MC also shared an anti-Trump video.

“Fuck you and fuck what you stand for,” he said. “Nobody who supports me will support you.”

Tip added a different caption for that vid.

“I ain’t going for it… Mr Trump, if u beat me u won…but I WILL NOT BE FOOLED,” he said. “I know u got plans for my people that are contrary to OUR BEST INTERESTS. Make no mistake… WE AINT ON THE SAME SIDE. Whatever U ARE,IM NOT!!!! Be CLEAR!!!! I have a family, I have children, I have ancestors that I WILL NOT LET DOWN. If me & mines ain’t safe, if me & mines in danger…. Guess what??? It’s gon take all my air to keep me from #Goin⬆️ Heh… U Have No Idea. May God Be with U sir. Have a nice day Mr. Trump.”

Just last week, Chris Brown ripped into Trump and Mac Miller went on national television to deliver his anti-Trump PSA, calling him a

“racist son of a bitch.”