FRESH163nailWhen provoked, the counter culture can produce expressive outbursts that even the most observant of us may not expect. It is the premise on which the explosive nature of hip hop and punk rock was based. It is that very same premise that created a DIY rift within the fashion world that we have now come to call streetwear. SubCon was born from the desire to create sharp pieces developed by those within even sharper tongues. Hip hop, politics, popular culture (both past and current)… it all has a place here and can be seen within the works of SubCon. Like the music it parallels, the designs and inspirations are as varied as the lives/histories of those who create it. Yet there is one common goal, to strike a chord of familiarity within each of us by making visual statements based on events/ideologies that we have become all too familiar with. SubCon strives to connect, always attempting to push the boundaries of creativity one step beyond.

From a dorm room on the Rutgers University campus in 2005 to establishing a presence in boutiques and on the backstyson212nail of some of the world’s most famous individuals today, SubCon has moved far beyond its Staten Island basement roots. Never forgetting where/what we came from and who we are, we continue to create and express drawing influence from music, sports, politics, social activism, and the very industry that got us involved in the first place. The streetwear game can be a wildly thought provoking culture, it is up to you how you wish to be seen therein. We are wholly grateful for every moment shared over the past half decade. Our drive and desire has only grown stronger over these few years and we look forward laying down roots in this industry for some time to come. SubCon has invested its heart and soul in this game and is only getting started. Be aware, be on the lookout.

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