HHUCIT’s [Rating:4.0]

Over a half a million views in about a day and counting, the video for Kendrick Lamar’s Poetic Justice featuring Drake is here from his debut album. It is a mirror image of the types of events that happen in Compton.  The video displays authenticity and momentary bliss but yet is slightly despairing at the same time. The easy going lyrics and clean cut broadcast help everyone to follow along. Drake comes in and adds smooth heat which gives the track that much extra flavor. The old school cars, large crowd hanging out and guys playing dice help the video to look more like an actual day in Compton versus a camera shot. Kendrick stated he wanted Janet Jackson to be featured in the video, but although she is not, her vocals are the sample used in the production.

It begins with Lamar spotting a dark haired beauty in the beginning but before he gets the chance to truly adore her, gun shots fire and echoes across the large crowd. Not only was his love interest shot but Lamar himself was laid upon her with five shots in his back. The concept is quite interesting and also mind boggling. Ending in depression could be a way of tying in the reality that Lamar grew up with. Compton, California is still one of most dangerous cities to live in. Death is concept that is learned early on in life and Lamar’s alluring voice helps shed light in a great way to get his point across. Lamar’s career is on the fast track and the fan cannot wait to get their hands on more of his work.

“..I mean I write poems in these songs

Dedicated you and

You’re in the mood for empathy, it’s blood in my pen…”

-Free @InkStains_