Much like his friend Rick Ross, Shawty Lo is thinking ahead. On Thursday, Ross announced a record called “Sweet Life” with John Legend as a future single. The song has not been released yet, but Ross and Legend already filmed the video. The same goes for Lo. He and Lil Wayne have a song called “WTF” coming soon, but the visual for the track is done.  

“It’s just what it stands for: ‘What the F,’ man,” Lo said about the song. “It’s crazy, man. It’s a record me and Weezy did at the beginning of the month. We decided we might as well shoot the video for it. It’s a good look. Everybody wants the song, but I’mma release it [NBA] All-Star Weekend. It’s just basically street. ‘What the F.’ Our style of music. Nice beat, crazy lyrics.”

Wayne and Lo’s relationship goes back all the way to 2005, when Lo recorded his first song, “I’m Da Man”; Wayne and Rick Ross guest-starred on the track.   

Lo and Wayne shot the video on Tuesday. “It was crazy. Everybody came out and supported,” Shawty said of the shoot. “We started 6 in the a.m. and didn’t finish until 6 the next morning. We had a club performance, we had the rooftop performance and an inside-studio performance. Like, three, four good scenes. It’s gonna be a good video. … We got a lot of good footage.”  

“Wayne is unbelievable. He’s the hardest-working artist I know,” Lo said. “He don’t need a pencil. He goes off the top. Wayne is unbelievable. He came and blessed me with the video. I was gonna go to Miami, fly down there. But he came and we shot it in Atlanta, so it was a great look.”  

With Wayne’s impending jail time on a weapons-possession charge next month, the Fireman has been working overtime to shoot videos for a myriad of records. There are two new Young Money clips in the can. This weekend, Wayne and Eminem film the video for “Drop the World,” and the Shawty Lo video has been filmed.

“It means everything to me,” Lo said. “It means a lot to have him on there, period. But to have one of the last videos before he goes in, we made history. A lot of people called and reached out, like, ‘Lo, how you pull that off?’ But real street cats recognize each other. He recognize real. I know he’s real. We made it happen.” 

Before the Wayne video, Lo has a clip for the song “Atlanta, GA” coming soon. It guest-stars Ludacris and The-Dream. They also show love to Gucci Mane, who’s on the song but couldn’t make the video because he’s in jail. 

“Wait till you see how we did the Gucci Mane part,” Shawty said. “You gonna think he was there.”