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Another cheater bites the dust. The same credible source who hipped us to the Shaq and Shaunie O’Neal cheating/divorce drama almost two years ago has given us more juicy info. And it aint looking good for the homie Shaquille.

Said source tells YBF that they have run across emails regarding a secret sexual relationship between Shaq and Wizards baller Gilbert Arenas’ fiance Laura Govan.  And Laura is actually friends with Shaunie.  Drama!

Allegedly, Laura and Shaq have been friends in public…and more than friends in private…for the past 5 years. Supposedly they’ve been flying to each others’ towns and meeting up at different events. They even allegedly spent time together last Christmas when Shaq was still playing in Phoenix. Laura just so happened to be there “visiting her sister”.

Hard to believe? Yeah we thought so too. Until we were given the emails. Check them under the cut….

Laura likes to go by “Lonnie Govan” and “Lonnie G” and Shaq used multiple email addresses to correspond with her over the past months:

UPDATE: Shaunie Files for Legal Seperation has learned Shaunie filed legal papers yesterday in L.A., even though the couple lives in Florida. The petition says although Shaunie is filing for legal separation, she intends to file for divorce. She lists “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for separation.

We’re told Shaunie pulled her kids out of school in Florida several days ago and they are with her now in L.A.

Why, you ask, would Shaunie cross the country to file in L.A.? Well, a spouse generally does a lot better in the spousal support department here in California. Shaunie is asking for both spousal and child support — though she did not specify an amount for either.

Shaunie claims in her papers to be a resident of L.A. since November 8, 2009 — 3 days ago.

The date of separation is listed as 11-9-09. The couple has 4 minor children. Shaunie wants legal and physical custody

of all the kids.

They have been married for 6 years, 11 months.

View the Official Divorce Papers HERE

Stay tuned …