Calling all lovers. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, R. Kelly delivers a romantic new single and it’s all about what “She Deserve.”

The tender tune, premiered through Billboard, has the Pied Piper singing about “a vacation for just two” and having someone to support you when you’re down.

The track comes on the heels of controversy. In December, after releasing The Buffet, the Chicago crooner walked out of a live interview after being questioned about his alleged history of inappropriate relationships with underaged girls.

Last month, Kelly opened up about those allegations during an interview with GQ, where he revealed that he was a victim of sexual abuse as a child. During that Q&A, the 49-year-old also said that he is at peace with who he is today.

“I have fans and I have family that love me, and I have my music, and I have my breath going in and out,” he said. “I’m more than OK with who I am and who I have become today as a man, and I’m just moving on with my life, man, doing this music. I’m good.”

Listen to Kellz’ sweet serenade below.