Kid Cudi has had an interesting year. After dropping one of the most highly acclaimed albums of the year, he has recently been in the headlines for a few reasons not related to music. First, he punched a fan for throwing something at the stage and then he was arrested for what has been reported as a case of mistaken identity. Now, a video has surfaced of Cudi speaking to fans about his frustration with the industry.

“They trying to make me look like the poster boy for violence and ignorance,” he says in the video. “I tell motherfuckers I’m the poster boy for honesty, realness, anarchy, I don’t give a fuck about this business.”

He also added that he is fed up with others who take shots at him.

“I never talk shit, right? You never hear me talking shit on skits, never hear me talking shit before on my songs. I just rap, right? Because of my silence, niggas trying to take jabs at me. Well, guess what, nigga? I’m jabbing back.”

He continued with angst towards the business by adding that some of his favorite emcees have let him down.

“I’m the truest motherfucker in this business and people trying to destroy me. All these other niggas that y’all probably fans of is sucka ass niggas, I met them. Niggas I was a fan of when I was buying their CDs, I’m not a fan of they music no more. This business is WWF, fam and if you don’t comply, they try to destroy you. I say it’s cool, cause I got y’all, right?”

After a crowd of fans led “Cudi” chants, he continued.

“I never talk shit. I came to this game and I just wanted to smoke my weed and motherfuckers just trying to destroy me, man. But, I don’t give a fuck. I’m unstoppable.”