t1larg.katt.williams.mugComedian Katt Williams was arrested outside of Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday night (November 8), following an incident that resulted in charges of burglary and criminal trespassing. A deputy at the Coweta County jail, about 40 miles south of Atlanta, confirmed that Williams remains in custody morning (November 9).

According to Major James Yarbrough of the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office, an unidentified Newnan, Georgia homeowner called police around 9 p.m, alleging Williams had “gained entry by breaking into the home.”

Yarbrough, who did not have further details on the incident or the arrest, stated that jewelry was taken from the residence. Authorities believe the entertainer is currently working on a film in the Atlanta area. The arrest comes a year after Williams was arrested in New York City on weapons charges on November 5, 2008. Williams was in New York for his debut performance at Carnegie Hall, which was scheduled for November 6. In the early morning hours of that Thursday, however, NYPD officers pulled him over for driving a car without license plates.

Upon searching the car, police discovered a gun and proceeded to arrest Williams and others in his entourage. The following week, the comedian allegedly underwent a mental health evaluation for possible hospital commitment after run-ins with city and county officials in Sumter, South Carolina.

On July 23, the New York City district attorney’s office moved to dismiss Williams’ gun charges because they could not “prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.”

This latest incident also comes almost three years to the date since Williams was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on November 6, 2006, after authorities found a gun in his briefcase. He pleaded no contest to one misdemeanor count of carrying a concealed firearm and received three years’ probation. The 38-year-old actor/comedian, born Micah Williams, is scheduled for an arraignment Monday afternoon, where a magistrate is expected to set a bond amount for his release.

UPDATE: Katt Williams 911 Phone Call – Holding a 17yr old Boy Hostage

[youtube 5lMJILiEX1g]

UPDATE: Katt Williams Speaks on Arrest:

On stealing $3500 worth of jewelry
I did not steal when I was homeless, If I did not steal when I was starving, then I certainly will not steal $3,500 worth of jewelry, while you are wearing $250,000 worth of jewelry. They misunderstood. They thought that I was an average typical negro. I am no such a thing. I don’t talk like it. I don’t act like it. I don’t walk like it and I don’t hang with people that do. I am special. Now, If they want to convince me that I am not special than that’s fine. This time last year they put me in Rikers Island on trespassing charges in New York and then they put me in a mental institution following that. Me! Katt Williams. And here I am another Thanksgiving being prosecuted again. Now if there is some crime that I committed then I will be locked up but if not you are assaulting someone that shouldn’t be assaulted and I think you are picking on the wrong one.”

On Kidnapping a 17 yr old
I have sons, I don’t need to kidnap children. If you are 17 years old and I don’t let you leave it’s probably for a valid reason. It’s probably because you don’t have any money and you are away from home and you don’t have anywhere to go. So someone should pay for your ticket and wait for your mother to show up. That’s how grown people do business. That’s why his mother allowed him to be with me for a month working with no supervision because I am trustworthy. There are things I will NOT do.

On Rumors
They said I was bankrupt. The same day they said I was bankrupt I got a check for “Pimpin Pimpin” for 1.4 million dollars. I haven’t cashed it. I still got it! Then last week “Katt Williams Pimpadelic sold 1.6 million dollars. I’m trying to figure out how a n*gga with 3 million dollars is stealing $3500 worth of jewelry in Coweta County GA, while he rides around in a Bentley. I don’t understand it.

On The Support
Coming out of that dark stank nasty place, as fly as I am…to hear them angels erupt when I walked through that door made it all worth while.

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