Jay Electronica is going to be signing with Roc Nation this week. My sources tell me that the mystic homey is expected to sign on the dotted line as of Tuesday. Not only is is supposed to sign, he’s also release a new song/duet with Jay-Z, I’m hearing. The name of the song is “Rendezvous At Tiffany’s.” Apparently, to pop off the song and the partnership, the two titans are supposed to perform at Tiffany’s diamond store or something in New York City. That’s the extent of it right there, ya’ll. This could be incredible. Some of my sources have expressed that Jay Electronica is as unpredictable as any rapper they have ever seen and there is always the possibility that he won’t end up signing with Jay-Z after all. Apparently, he was very close to signing with Diddy too and it didn’t happen.  -Illseed