Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted spending some hubby and wifey time together in Paris, France yesterday (Tue. Apr 19). Hip-Hop’s royal couple had dinner near the famous Champs Elysees.

the official single for Beyonce’s new single Girls (Who Run the World)” — the first single from her new album — just released today, while Jay-Z will be releasing a joint-album with fellow rapper Kanye West sometime this summer.

Before launching into full promo mode for her new single and album, Beyoncé got in a little time with her husband in Paris. The fashionable couple, who celebrated their third wedding anniversary earlier this month, was spotted dining at L’Avenue restaurant with Bey’s six-year-old nephew Julez, who tagged along on their Parisian holiday. The doting aunt and uncle practiced their parenting skills, but couldn’t avoid the crush of paparazzi and fans who swarmed their car as they exited.

Fresh off his Coachella appearance, Kanye West also jetted to Paris. Maybe he and Jay will be resuming their Watch the Throne recording sessions?