Blac Chyna Denies Appearance in Sex Tapes

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Blac Chyna Denies Appearance in Sex Tapes

Following the mysterious leak of a sex tape featuring Blac Chyna, the model-reality star is denying her inclusion in yet another clip.

According to TMZ, the newly-released 13-minute video shows a woman with

“Chyna’s skin tone, body type, and hairstyle” who has “several tattoos on her body, just like Chyna,”

engaged in a sexual intercourse with a man.

Sources close to the model say that the woman in the video is not Chyna, despite the similarities. They claim that they’ve already sent more than 20 cease and desist letters to pornography websites that are using her name to promote both recently-leaked clips.

Mechie, an aspiring rapper, has said that he filmed the shorter clip of Chyna but that he did not release it. Chyna claims she didn’t either, and says that she doesn’t know how it got released.

Earlier this week, Chyna’s lawyer Walter Mosley called it a “criminal matter,” and her attorney Lisa Bloom indicated that it was a case of “revenge porn.” Sources said that Chyna would report the matter to police by week’s end.

“Revenge porn — posting explicit images without the consent of everyone in those images — is a crime, a civil wrong, and a form of domestic abuse,” she wrote. “It’s also a way to try to slut shame women for being sexual. Girls have killed themselves over revenge porn. It’s not a joke.”

Chyna has yet to make a public statement about either video.

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