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Sponsored Post: hunnaRIP – “Come Here” [VIDEO]

May 7, 2021
1 minute read
Sponsored Post: hunnaRIP – “Come Here” [VIDEO]

LA native hunnaRIP delivers a masterpiece just in time for a scorching summer. His new single “Come Here” features a visual which puts you right into the action of a celebratory affair on a private jet. Stepping outside of what’s considered ‘the norm’ nowadays, hunnaRIP’s approach has outshone all other candidates, putting himself in a tier of his own. His energetic flow, and distinguishable sound keeps you on your toes, wondering what he brings to the table next. Not only is hunnaRIP pushing boundaries with this release, but he’s also pushing fire melodies onto the streets with nothing but raw emotion. After a couple of plays, and more research on this young artist, you’ll most definitely add him to your playlist as it will bring you to your senses. Or, more importantly, bring the “you” out of you.

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