Nicki Minaj Praises Lauryn Hill & Twerks to “Trap Queen” at Tidal X: 1015 [VIDEO]

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Nicki Minaj Praises Lauryn Hill & Twerks to “Trap Queen” at Tidal X: 1015 [VIDEO]


Nicki Minaj pays homage to Lauryn Hill.

During last night’s TIDAL X: 1015 charity concert in Brooklyn, which featured both artists on the bill, Nicki shared her love for the Fugees icon.

“I’m in love with you,” she told Ms. Hill while bowing to her. “I’m in love with your spirit, your mind, everything about you.”

The celebration continued on Instagram, where Nicki shared her appreciation for L-Boogie.

“Excuse me while I have an outer body experience,” she wrote. “Shaking, crying, a MESS!!!! this lady is the reason. Omg. The QUEEN. Goddess! The epitome! The bar! The *faints*. Ms Lauryn Hill told me to keep ‘spittin dat fire.’ Is this real life!????”

She added more praise:

“YIKEEESSSSSSS ms Lauryn hill was so ahead of her time (and still is). Queen. Epic. The bar. The truth. The best. The greatest. The light. God pls bless her for what she gave to us all. The miseducation of Onika.”

Onstage, Nicki also wowed fans with her performance, twerking to “Trap Queen” and bringing out Fetty Wap, before delivering a speech about powerful women.

“You n**gas are so fucking weak,” she said. “Ya’ll got the audacity to be intimidated by a bad motherfuckin’ queen and get your motherfuckin’ feelings hurt, but it’s o-motherfuckin’-k ’cause Barack needed Michelle, bitch, and Bill needed a motherfuckin’ Hillary, bitch.

“You better pray to God you don’t get stuck with a motherfuckin’ Melania,” she added. “You ni**as want brainless bitches to stroke your motherfuckin’ ego? Fuck you, ni**a.”


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